About SaladBowl

SaladBowl originated from the concept of providing a user-friendly and flexible solution for freelancers, such as designers, creatives, startups, and small businesses who do not require the comprehensive suite of services offered by larger providers. To address this requirement, we endeavored to develop a platform that enables users to efficiently manage their clients' extensive and seemingly endless data and information, as well as seamlessly integrate with tools for managing tasks, invoicing, and new requests.

Here to help designers

By utilizing SaladBowl's forms feature, you have the ability to create a personalized form for capturing potential leads, streamlining the process for prospects to make contact. This custom form can then be integrated into your website or inserted into any desired page to ensure that leads are easily accessible at any time.

Here to help photographers

SaladBowl can help ease the stress of getting paid. With the user-friendly Invoices feature, you can create polished invoices that include individual items or input your billable hours tracked with SaladBowl’s Time Tracker feature. Additionally, you can offer clients various payment options to ensure that you receive payment promptly.

Here to help marketers

Acquire prospects and data by creating a personalized web form through SaladBowl's Forms feature. Create surveys for potential leads, client enrollment, and other scenarios requiring a few queries. The forms can be used as a hyperlink practically anywhere or can be embedded directly onto your webpage. Information obtained from the forms, such as new leads, can be effortlessly added to your SaladBowl Contacts list.

Here to help agencies

After obtaining a lead, you can convert them into a paying customer with polished documents using SaladBowl's Proposals and Contracts Tools. These tools enable you to generate eye-catching paperwork that highlights your worth to prospects. Integrated electronic signature capabilities aid clients in signing up faster, allowing you to initiate working together without delay.