About SaladBowl

SaladBowl was spun out of the idea to have an easy to use, quick to adapt solution for freelancers, like designers, creatives, startups to small businesses not wanting to pay for the big box solution because they only need a small portion to help run their company. In this necessity, we wanted to create something that would allow users to effectively manage the vast and near infinite amount of information and data of their clients provide and merge with tools to easily managing tasks, invoices and new requests.

The idea was simple.

Take all the common tools business owners, project managers and designers all use on a daily basis and create one platform. When time and effort are minimized to promote a healthier work ethic on better things.

But really, why?

Paying for tools to manage your client’s information, invoicing, project and task management, and support ticketing… it all starts to add up and becomes a very costly expense we all wish to cut.

Who doesn’t want to pay less and get more?

C’mon. Is this real?

We are serious. Starting a business is a serious step any person can take in their life. Gathering all the tools you’ll need can be confusing or leave you tied into contracts one month in, isn’t really for you.

Same can be said for businesses years in an established field. Utilizing tools in a level of comfort that adding a new one or having to replace is scary. Many new applications are only specialized in one or two aspects of your business, and that makes the hesitation even greater.