SaladBowl offers multiple features to manage your business and day-to-day tasks.

Client Management

Keep track of who's whos

Companies are big, and may have different projects ongoing through your work cycle. Without anaging and logging which person of an organization who has been in communication can be tedious and tiring. Tracking down who you should get approval of a project versus who signed the contract or is the person responsible for Accounts Payable all may be different. Without having to ask a team member for their name or number makes the next interaction with them more friendly and personal.

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Account Management

Store accounts safely

Clients have a lot of information that you always need at some point. Remembering the accounts to manage their servers, websites, social media, online advertisement platforms can be difficult. Keeping sticky notes on the desk, or a notebook can be a security vulnerability. Accounts stored on SaladBowl are organized and encrypted, so they are only visible to you and your team.

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Client Management

Client information centrally located.

Located on the Client Summary, users can view the current projects versus ongoing services, keep simple notes to track updates, like if a client may be unavailable for a few days for a family vacation. Need to go to their office for a presentation? Well it's easy to find out that their local office is located down the road instead of having to head to the headquarters in another city.

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Project Management

Track the progress of your projects

The project overview screen simplifies the nitty-gritty of the project. Quickly view the timeline of each phase, what tasks are due next, and who's responsible for what times. Have you ever asked your one of your developers for a status update on the next big web development project, but realize they haven't been the one assigned to it. Ever wonder what the timeline is for deliveries to the client, but find yourself digging through the original contract? What if it was just easier...

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Task Management

Keep your eggs in one basket.

Organizing tasks to better suit your workspace is very important. Completw your tasks with just one click or view who is responsible for completing the next step of the project. When a project incorporates Phases, a Kanban board view is added to the navigation where users can view a task breakdown based on a multi-stage development process. For larger teams, setting your project to Agile allows you to utilize the SCRUM methodology with sprints.

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File Storage

Storage made easy "peasy".

Users can simply find and view the needed documents for a client's project easily with out digging through folders or drives. Attachments to tasks or tickets can be stored so a user needs a client provided document, logo, design file, etc, the next person to view the item can quickly grab it. If there is something that can't be found on the summary or a task, the acccessing the files screen will show all available files ever associated with the client.

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Support Tickets

New requests logged intelligently.

Have you ever had a client report an issue to you months, possibly years later about a project you completed for them? Reopening a project or telling a team member aren't the best practices. So logging new client requests and service tickets for one-off issues with a ticketing management system is the only solution. But who want's to manage two different systems for projects and suport? SaladBowl does this all in one simple app.

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